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clgap5268bA few years ago, I got a call from a worried student who was desperate to get into an Ivy League school so she could find a cure for cancer. She had the grades and the work ethic to succeed at any university she chose, but the application essay scared her witless. Could I help?

I could, and I did. She got into Harvard—and Stanford, and Yale, and Princeton, and Northwestern, and the University of California, and Columbia, and every other school on her dream list. Now she’s off studying to be a doctor in the Ivy League, and her younger sister is sending me emails.

I can help you through every step of the essay process, from first brainstorm to final draft. I can tell you what qualities schools are looking for. I can show you the five kinds of questions most colleges ask, and how to answer each one. (In fact, I’ve even taught an online course on writing these essays.) I can go over your drafts with you and polish them until they shine, whether it’s for the Common Application or an individual school. My clients have gotten into Ivy League schools, the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of California (particularly UCLA, UCI, and UC Berkeley), even Oxford University in the United Kingdom. In fact, every client I’ve helped with application essays has gotten into at least one of his or her first-choice schools—usually more than one, very often all of them.

My standard fee for college application consulting is $50 per essay. See my rate sheet for more details, or contact me for a personal estimate.

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