sply1066bNot long after I started Semper Editing, I got an email from a rookie screenwriter with a problem. He had a brilliant idea for a comedy—but he couldn’t quite pull it off. He had plot questions, grammar issues, even punctuation problems. His agent had advised him to consult a pro. Could I help?

I could, and I did. He sold that script to a major studio for six figures.

Since then I’ve worked on short films and features, comedies and dramas, TV and movies and web series. I’ve helped writers with scripts about everything from inner-city superheroes to guitar-playing chimpanzees. I can be a sounding board, a story editor, or your personal grammar police as needed. I work on Word, PDF, and FinalDraft files. As always, my work is fast, accurate, and completely confidential. See my rate sheet for details, or contact me for a free sample consultation.

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